Persian carpets

Why Persian Carpets are an Interior Decorator’s Dream?

“Persian carpet: comfortable, warm and homey, understated, minimalist, clean and simple, abundant or affluent, elegant, luxurious, casual, etc. Look at many rugs and eventually you’ll get it.  It, being an understanding of what your type of rug is. When that occurs you will then be able to choose a rug with confidence. Read more

Persian carpets

Looking at the Persian carpet is viewing the world of art that has been fostered for over 2500 years. Read more


Highland Karabakh is a geographically and culturally peculiar region which was being colonized by Armenians since the 6th century BC. It is, de facto independent republic of the Caucasus, but officially part of Azerbaijan. Read more

Khorasan and Southeaster Persia

Meshed is the center of the Razavi Khorasan province. It is the hometown of the famous Persian poet Ferdowsi who in the 10th century wrote the epic poem Shahnameh (“The Book of Kings”). Read more


It is believed that Kerman city (224-239s) was established by the Persian Shah Ardeshir I and was formerly called Behdesir. Read more

Central and Southeast Persia

This region encompasses the big cities from Teheran to the ancient capital of the Persian empire – Shiraz. Here such historical cities as Isfahan and Yazd – a city which is still considered to be the center of Zoroastrian culture, are based. Kashan, Isfahan and Fars are the cities best known for the carpet-weaving and tying methods. Read more

Fars Province – Quashqai

The Quashqai tribe is one among many of Turkic tribes (together with the Amalaeh, Darreh-Shuri, Kashkuli, Shesh Baluki, Farismadan). They inhabit mostly the territory of Fars, Khuzestan and southern Isfahan – the greatest number of these people living around city Shiraz.

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This city has been known from the times of the Median empire, when it was called Ysatis. During Sassanid times, it was a Zoroastrian center which attracted many devotees after the start of the Islamic conquest of Persia. Read more


This is one of the most beautiful and important cities in Persia. Today the world if still fascinated by its Safavid architectural monuments. This city became a UNESCO world heritage site. French poet Renier who visited Isfahan for the first time in the 16th century, was amazed and called it “Half of the World”. Read more