Why Persian Carpets are an Interior Decorator’s Dream?

“Persian carpet: comfortable, warm and homey, understated, minimalist, clean and simple, abundant or affluent, elegant, luxurious, casual, etc. Look at many rugs and eventually you’ll get it.  It, being an understanding of what your type of rug is. When that occurs you will then be able to choose a rug with confidence.

I genuinely feel that persian carpets are the most versatile of all hand made rugs. The quality pieces, woven with hand-spun wool and vegetable dyes, exude a natural beauty to almost any interior.

The design choices in persian carpets are abundant and fascinating so that one can achieve a very personal signature to their home environment.

Hopefully this will give you a bit of insight into finding a beautiful tribal rug for your home.”- Laura Bohne.

Laura Bohne is the owner of “Bohne catpets & kilims”, located in the central Riga Brivibas uela 40. Her gallery specializes in authentic persian tribal and classic carpets woven with hand-spun wool and plant based dyes with a strong emphasis on Persian tribal rugs.